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Some consider a holiday as a time of total abandonment and there is no better place than the magical island of Corfu for that.
Anyone who has ever visited Corfu will have many fond memories of the place, its people and of the Greek food.
Corfu is an island of contrast, a fascinating blend of mighty ancient monuments and holiday resorts for the travellers of the modern age. The land of colour, flaming sunsets, golden beaches, purple mountains and emerald hills.
Corfu is the land of gaiety, where dancing is a way of life, inspired by the lively music of the “Bouzouki”.
It is the land of welcome whose tradition is hospitality, whose people are so warm and friendly, you’ll never want to leave.
Corfu Kanoni

Corfu spianada

Corfu beach picture
It is also the land of feasting, where even the simplest tavernas can offer you fresh fish, barbecued meats, the unique “Feta” cheese, fruits and vegetables all washed down with delightful wines.
Sitting at a side-walk table outside, sipping Ouzo, or walking into the kitchen of a taverna, many foreign people have sampled and enjoyed delicious Greek cooking.
A holiday in Corfu is a wonderful return to a simple way of life.
Maria, the fiercely devoted Corfiot maid, full of humour and goodwill, carrying eggs in her apron and bearing a glass containing Greek coffee heavily laced with ouzo, will look after your apartment better than her own while you lap up the lazy Greek sun, which in the height of the summer can rise to over 90 degrees.
Dangling off the northwest coast of mainland Greece, at the point where the Adriatic meets the Ionian sea, the lush and green island, with mountains and many cypress trees, surrounded by turquoise seas , Corfu is the closest island to Italy and almost brushes against Albania to the north.
Corfu is the best known Ionian island. Its history goes back to the 8th century BC, when it was founded by Colonizers from Corinth on the mainland.
The superb setting of its landscapes against the background of the Albanian mountains, its wonderful climate and luxuriant scenery have made Corfu a leading summer resort.
It is not difficult to understand why the island stimulates such idyllic descriptions from writers like D.H Lawrence and Gerald Durrel.
Corfu has some of the best beaches in the archipelago – no fewer than 33 of them were awarded with Blue flags in 2002.
People going swimming in the clear phosphorescent waters and enjoy exploring the idyllic bays or take advantage of the water-sports and Boat trips available.

Ullysses was once washed ashore and can claim to be the island’s first tourist. Since, it is like a magical spell has been cast on the island and many visitors have been attracted and intrigued by this unique island.
The only real urban centre, Corfu Town, was renovated for 1994 EU summit and is now one of the most elegant island capitals in Greece, with indubitable charm and a number of cultural attractions, ranging from impressive forts to excellent museums and galleries.
St. Spiridon's Church, is well worth a visit for its lovely fresco work and painted icons. St. Spiridon is the patron saint of Corfu.
Shopping in the old cobbled streets of the town is excellent with jewellery and leather being good value. Having a coffee in the “Liston”, opposite the cricket pitch, is a must
Corfu town

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